Thursday, 23 August 2012

ZSL London Zoo Review

Our holiday to London would not have been complete without a visit to the Zoo.  

The boys delighting in the fact daddy is scared stiff of Peacocks (so planning their route!)

We had a lovely time strolling around seeing all the animals.  The enclosures are clean and well maintained.  The new Penguin Beach exhibit looks fantastic (I was slightly envious as it was so hot that day, I could have dived in myself!).  The penguins all looked very happy, chilling out in the water and sunbathing on the rocks.  It is a sign of a good zoo when the animals are so content and thriving.

Keeping with the penguin theme I have no excuse anymore to complain about missing sleep as poor penguins only ever have power naps:

There was so much to see and do, we actually did not leave ourselves enough time, and we could have easily spent another couple of hours walking around.  So I do recommend giving yourself a full day for your visit, especially if you have any little legs with you.  

Plus once they saw the face painting stand, zoo fair ground ride and bouncy castle, they just had to do all of that!!!

But it’s all based in one section so if you are watching the pennies you could give it a wide berth and try and skirt round it!

They have a very full schedule of live shows; a number of which had been inspired by the London 2012 games.  We managed to watch the Animal Athletes in Action and were very impressed.  The boys sat patiently watching, it was that good we had no wondering off or messing about, which meant it was worthy of their full on concentration.  I liked that after the show the presenter mentioned how the skills the animals are demonstrating are all about survival for them and talked a little about conservation, so it becomes more than just a parade but an important lesson for our children.

Other highlights for the boys were going through a tunnel and finding the sleeping Aardvarks.

They looked very rested; I must admit I was slightly envious, as I was dashing around everywhere after two very excited boys!  The boys also enjoyed jumping around in the little water fountain section, the only problem I had was getting them back out again!  There really is so much fun to be had here!

Making new friends!
On leaving the Zoo you had an opportunity to buy a keepsake booklet for £15.  On the way in I heard the lady say how much they cost and had not planned to buy it thinking you just got one picture and it was awfully expensive.  But the boys’ godmummy sneaked over and bought it for us anyway, I am so glad she did as you get so much more than one picture.  You get information on the animals, postcards with your picture on and two larger pictures, all with different backgrounds and animals on.  You also get to make a keyring and magnet to treasure.  So all in all, its not a bad deal!

Entrance would have cost us £72 (with booking online to save 10%) and given how many hours you could spend here I think it is a must see attraction.  Each enclosure has lots of information about the animals so it is a very educational experience.  My wildlife mad boys were in their element learning so many new facts.  

You can find out more information on the website.  A weekend to watch out for is the 1st – 2nd of September for the Little Creatures family festival, with lots of extra activities planned for your own wild animals!  Shame we do not live closer as we would definitely have wanted to come back for that.

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  1. i am going here next wee and really looing forwards to it