Wednesday, 12 September 2012

bottle green Raspberry and Grapefruit Cordial Review

We were sent this limited edition to try out.  I did enjoy the berry taste – but did not really notice the Grapefruit element, which is probably for the best as I am not really a fan of it!  I never got the whole grapefruit as a starter phenomena.

It is a pleasant enough drink with the colder weather looming – served hot if ailing with a cold, there is a fair amount of sugar in it to revive you and act as a quick energy pick me up!

Both the boys and hubbie have enjoyed it too.  The way youngest is proudly displaying the bottle you would think it’s a vintage reserve!  But it is nonetheless a welcome addition to our drinks cupboard.

Available to buy from a range of stockists

If you like the sound of this flavour do not forget to vote over at - am assuming they update the flavours as this one is not on the list!  Come on bottle green give it a fighting chance!  Although red cherry and Vanilla does sound quite nice… (I feel my vote decision wavering)

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