Monday, 17 September 2012

Cewe Photobook Review

I found it painfully slow to pick pictures and get to grips with the program.  But I did like some of the features it had like automatic image correction and if you had already changed the pictures it knew and you can deactivate it… Likewise it is aware when you used a flash and can adjust for red eye if you want it to.  So a very clever program on the whole.

It is fantastic that you can add a map, so if your basing a photobook around a visit to somewhere in particular a map of that area might set if off quite nicely.  So many settings you can really get it personalised just how you like with photos arranged in all manner of ways.

At the end if not all the images have been filled it tells you details of which pages, which I liked as I had missed a couple unknowingly.  But on the whole a very complex program (for me anyway!), so sophisticated I could have done with giving myself much more time to get my head round it!

You could make something really special with this if you can commit the time to do it!  The end result is a nice keepsake memory book but I think it is worth paying the extra to have gloss pages, we went for paper to make the voucher they sent us stretch, I think that was a mistake as it does not feel as high quality.  Also I could have done more with the text and layouts but at that point I was losing the will to live… (Brace yourself for a long time in front of the computer or the help of a more technical person!!!).

For some reason I went with a canary yellow front cover, I thought it would look cheery I am not sure I am the most clued up person design wise!  But I will treasure the memories of our long weekend in London and seeing the boys happy faces regardless.

Thank you Cewe!

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