Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fly Trap Review

As a family we enjoy making time to play a couple of board games most days, sometimes its hard fitting it in alongside the after school karate, swimming and trampoline lessons.  So we need something quick and easy to set up and get into.  Fly Trap by Esdevium Games was perfect for this, a fun game that can slot in easily to a hectic family life.

The game visually appealed to my boys, they liked the challenge of flicking the flies into the Fly Trap.  They got quite skilled at doing it; they did find the pumps to close the mouth (to stop the other team scoring) slightly harder to operate.  But then you could leave that to the adults or as they did at one point skip that part all together!  The plant rotates its head around anyway so you do have to learn the art of timing your flicks.  Otherwise flies go everywhere but inside his mouth!

When the flies did land in the plant mouth the look of satisfaction on my boys’ faces said it all, they really enjoyed playing the game.  The game is pitched for children 4+; some of the parts are quite small so I think that is the most suitable age.  My three year old did not try and eat anything he shouldn’t, which comes as a relief as he has no doubt seen the cat chomping on flies before now!  Am so glad he is not following his example!

The game has an RRP of £19.99 but is currently available to buy from Amazon for £18.43.  I can see lots of families enjoying this come Christmas day, my worse nightmare is the boys unwrapping something complex and insisting we play it straight away (cue hours of building and grumbles off hubbie as he is the technical one of the pair of us!).  Thankfully Fly Trap can be set up in record speed!

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