Thursday, 27 September 2012

Football Game Review

Our final review from box 1 was this lovely Orchard Toy Game; I had my reservations with it being football themed I thought we would be onto a loser before we started, as neither of my boys have ever shown much interest in the sport.  However at the end of playing a few games, eldest has conceded he now likes football a little bit, which is huge progress!!!

The game is easy enough to set up, at first with the two spinners I thought this looks more complicated but you soon get the hang of it.  It is aged 5+ but youngest was happy to play this and managed fine.

It is in part a little like snakes and ladders in that you can go up and down the board but with the football players kicking the ball forwards or backwards as you move along the board.  This does make it quite exciting as you have no idea who is going to win, you might be storming ahead then land on a whistle and spin onto the red card and have to start the game from the beginning again!

It did help with their instruction following as the boys had to listen to the rules carefully, so they knew what to do when the spinner landed on a yellow card (miss a turn), the red card or the picture of a football (for a free kick).

When you get to the goal at the end you spin the second spinner and try and get the ball on a side not covered by the stretched out goal keeper.  If you do you win!  And the crowd goes wild…

Great game for football fans and non-football fans alike.  Orchard toys just seem great at making appealing games for children, whatever the theme they choose!!!

Available to buy from Toys R Us shortly.

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