Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Justin’s Funny Faces Sticker Activity Book Review

Youngest was very pleased to find this when he came home from school; he only goes for two hours so there is still lots of the day I need to find activities to keep him occupied.  Luckily this book kept him amused for quite a while (especially as I am feeling sorry for myself with a stinking head cold!), he enjoyed seeing Justin looking silly on each page, a little picture that fitted in with the bigger face to decorate with lots of different stickers.

There was a huge assortment of stickers to get creative, like silly mouths and a comedy moustache.  The stickers claim to be reusable and I did manage to get one off to test it, but not sure if you could keep doing that for long, but for such a small price, I do not think anyone could grumble about that!

Youngest thought the moustache looked good on him; forget putting it in the book!

Here is one of his finished pages.  It is good to see him practising where the different body parts go, although I was slightly concerned he was adamant the wooden spoon was an ear… bless him!

The activity book has an RRP of £3.99 and is due to be published on the 4th of October and is a lovely addition for fans of Justin Fletcher.  I am quite tempted by the joke book in the set, as eldest has started taking an interest in telling jokes, it would make a nice stocking filler for him.


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