Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Orchard Toys Rhyme Robber Review

The game was relatively easy to get started, I liked the addition of a rhyme guide board this was very helpful when eldest (who is 5) first started playing the game.  

After a few full games though, he seemed to understand the game better and develop his rhyming skill, as he did not rely on the board anymore for help.  I did sometimes have to give him a little nudge when he says no nothing rhymes and I would say are you sure, then he would look again and find it on his own.  

He is definitely becoming more competent at it and needing less prompts!  As the game is for 5 – 9 year olds, I think he is doing quite well considering he is right at the start of the recommended age.

I was not sure how he would react to the stealing element of the game, where if you have a card that rhymes with the top one of another players pile, you can rob the lot!  He did grumble about it being unfair when daddy got all of his hard earnt pile right at the end of the game, but its good for him to learn he might not always win games.  Although on his third time playing he managed to pinch the cards back using the same method just after daddy got them, so he is enjoying it much more.  It can get quite exciting then and you do get caught up in the game, frantically watching the other player’s top card in the vague hope you can do another spot of robbing for your own swag bag (just for the record in no way do I encourage petty theft normally!).

The game can be played with up to four players so when youngest is a little older am sure he will be desperate to join in to.  He did try but he was more interested in slinging the cards around (cue giving him a book quickly to look at instead!).

The cards are well made and strong which is a relief as I think this is one game that is going to be returned to again and again.  If eldest had his way he would have kept postponing bedtime to keep playing, but daddy and mummy NEED the evening to collapse after busy days!  Another hit from Orchard Toys!

Available to buy from Toys R Us soon.

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