Saturday, 29 September 2012

Paul Lamond Games What’s Up? Review

We have lots of games coming to be reviewed here, so sometimes we have a little backlog and the boys see them in my office but have to try and wait patiently.  Well when they saw the box of this game, they were chomping at the bit.  I have not seen them this enthusiastic just based on the picture of a game.  I think they liked the idea of wearing a silly headband with a picture card slotted into it!

It is a really simple game to set up, you just put a headband on your head (there are four included in the box), equip a card (making sure not to see what is on it!) and then ask questions in turns to guess what you have on there.  The headbands adjust to fit everyone in the family, with lots of slots of make them bigger as they grow.

Youngest is funny he is quite difficult to play with as he shouts out the answer “I LOVE LIONS, daddy it’s a Lion, a Lion on your head…” So I think the idea of the age rating 5+ is that by then they will have grasped not to give the game away!

Eldest (who is 5) knew not to reveal what anyone had, but when he started playing his questions would revolve around any other picture he could see.  If daddy had a cow, he would say is it a farm animal? Does it make milk? Then daddy would automatically guess his own answer!  But eldest is getting more sophisticated at it fortunately and learning not base his questions around someone else’s picture.

I really love this game, as a family it is one we very much recommend.  It has a novel format and really helps encourage questions so children learn more about animals, transport, people in professions and sports.  You can make it easier by restricting play to just one category or as your children get older use all the cards, then they will really have to get thinking about suitable questions to ask to narrow down what could be on their picture.  It is exciting and fun, perfect as the days draw in and you want something to occupy your children.

To find out more about Paul Lamond Games head to their website.

What’s Up? is available to buy from Amazon for £9.60. 

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