Monday, 24 September 2012

Pro Match Set Foooz Review

My two boys are not particularly crazy about football.  Eldest says he cannot play it; he has to go in the goal (reluctantly) at school.  I have tried to encourage him but he still shows little interest, which is fine, after all I was never very sporting orientated (think Garfield and you have my attitude to life really!).  But more and more of his friends are now spending break time playing football, so I do not want him twiddling his thumbs not sure what to do with himself.  So I had high hopes this toy might instil a love of football for him.

But you must either love it or hate it, football must be like marmite, so he is still showing a general lack of interest to all things football.  So the appeal in this game was very short lived.  I do think children who love football and play it all the time; maybe they are a member of a local football team or even watch a match or two on telly will be over the moon with it.

It includes enough for the price; the target card got more enthusiasm, as you needed more skill to get points.  

There is plenty here for it to be a worthwhile purchase for Christmas.  Youngest liked that you had some stickers to decorate the kit of the two football players. 

You also get some skill cards, so you can see how to do other moves, like a header with your character.  So good for developing ability I guess.

The crowd goes wild the striker in yellow scores!  Now can we skip to the eating oranges bit...

But overall I am quite blessed I am not a football widow (or going to be anytime soon anyway!).  As with three boys in residence I would never have a look in at the telly!

And in the meantime eldest will stick to his karate and swimming to keep active.

Available to buy from Toys R Us in time for Christmas.

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