Friday, 14 September 2012

Smellessence The Splotz Books Review

We love reading here, the bookshelf is crammed, the boys are both members of the library, and our eldest gets books sent home from school as part of his homework.  So we see LOTS of books.  But most of the time it is a variant of a theme, so it’s nice when you stumble on something slightly different. 

My boys were so impressed with The Splotz series of books.  They had colourful lively characters, a simple but enjoyable story, but then they had something with a wow factor.  Near the end of the book the characters go SPLOTZ and then on that page they actually smell.  When I say smell, I do not mean they have a slightly disturbing odour problem, no siree! these smell great!  We have Ice, who smells of mint, Bubble who smells of bubblegum, Blossom who smells of cherry and Splitz who smells of banana.

Not only do you get the Splotz to smell you also get a page of scented stickers.  You could use these to reward your child at the end of the book if they managed to do some reading.  Or most likely your child will decide what to do with them!  As was the case for youngest he thought they smelt so nice he decided to use them to decorate his face… he wanted them close to his nose for sniffing purposes!

I think these books are really great and for RRP of £2.99 absolutely perfect stocking fillers.  I hope they keep adding more characters to the range, maybe a chocolate one for us mummies to enjoy sniffing haha.  Oh I just looked on Amazon and they read my mind!!!  Early next year more of these fun characters are coming out.  Hooray!  I see these being as big a hit as the Mr Men and Little Miss books.

For stockists check out their website


  1. They sound cute and a great party bag filler too.

  2. I've never heard of these ones before, they look just the thing mine would love too.