Sunday, 9 September 2012

The power of bribery

Coming home from work I lacked any inclination to clean once the boys were asleep, I had my sights set on the last few chapters of Fifty Shades Darker and more cake!  Luckily I had a bottle of Chang Beer and a few nākd bars to wave persuasively in front of hubbie, its amazing what a little bit of bribery can do in terms of completing household chores.  

He was more than happy to test out the new e-cloth we were sent with the reward of a beer chilling in the fridge.  As it was a hob and oven pack, I thought he had his work cut out as both were in need of a decent amount of elbow grease to be returned to their former glory!  But the e-cloth impressed us both it made light work of removing dried on grease, dirt and stuck on baked beans!!!

e-cloth’s are pretty clever as all they need is some water to work their magic!  They still remove over 99% of bacteria from surfaces, because they have revolutionary cleaning technology!  You can save up to £100 a year not needing all those nasty household chemicals (leaving more money for cake and beer – result!).

Here he is with his well earnt beer:

Hubbie really enjoyed the taste, because it was refreshing with no bitter after taste.  One beer he will definitely be trying again! 

Nākd got a mixed reaction he thought the texture was quite interesting but the flavour of the coffee was too overpowering for him.  I like the idea of Nākd bars anyway as its one way of reducing processed snacks; these are made up of raw fruits, nuts and natural flavours.  So much more healthy than what I usually favour munching on!  So I guess I could make room for some in my life… (but cake will always be centre stage I am afraid!).

For more information on e-Cloth head over here:

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For more information on Nākd head over here:

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