Friday, 7 September 2012

Toyologist 2012 Box 1 has landed!

It was a good day, there was still some of hubbie’s delicious chocolate cake to eat, youngest and I went to a birthday party which took care of the afternoon, he got to go on a bouncy castle and watch the balloon modelling/magic show, I got to eat party food...  Then we had the rather exciting matter of BOX 1 arriving from toys r us!!!

We had to show extreme restraint and wait for hubbie to come home from work.  The boys did well and did not try and hack into the box with their plastic tools!  They did however use the box as a foot rest to wait…

When hubbie came home the grand opening could be initiated and so with a flourish the boys practically ripped off the sellotape with their teeth!

Now bet your tempted to see what was inside, well I will not keep you in suspense.  Here are our lovely toys from Toys R Us (thank you so much!):

Keep an eye on their facebook page for more from the other toyologists.

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