Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Web Shooting Spiderman

This is the third review from our Toys R Us box 1.  As a family the jury was out on the Web Shooting Spiderman, I think its very expensive for £34.99.  For that it does deploy two web shooters and Spiderman turns his head to the side doing the shooting, it says you get noise but its just the sound of him dispatching the web, not something exciting like “eat my web dust you villainous deadbeat!”…

So I do think this toy may have quite short-term entertainment value, unless you’re a die-hard Spiderman fan of course.  My two have not got to that stage yet.  Youngest still mainly likes things soft and fluffy and eldest needs everything Skylanders shaped!!!  But if you are appreciative of all things Spiderman the figure is quite large and can stand on its own, so am sure would be displayed proudly on an older boys shelf of treasures!

On the plus side a full onslaught to the face is not painful!  So least this is one toy that can be safely left with the boys without anyone facing a web-induced injury!

It does look impressive in the box.  Then you can almost believe the AMAZING tagline.  I said to hubbie is that really ALL it does, try and make him climb up the wall with those web shooters… try and get him to stick to the radiator maybe they are magnetic… well it was worth a try!

It has got a few giggles and big smiles from the boys, for example as a means to terrorise poor daddy or you can of course aim at the included target (the Lizard!) as demonstrated in the video clip later in this review.  So our reaction to this toy is certainly not all doom and gloom.  

It has a certain novelty factor, great for action figure fans, but with a limited appeal if you expect your cash to stretch further!  For that price I am almost hoping he would do something more constructive like make me a cup of tea rather than just lash his webs at me, the fiend!

A little video for you to help make your own mind up:

We could further enhance the game play by building and designing our own targets, with our least favourite things.  I could shoot at a picture of a celery stick and hubbie would probably pick a picture of me (hooray the nagging wife is owned!).  Am sure we can squeeze more playability out of it, we will try our best!!!


  1. I can't make my mind up about this one either. I sort of like it, but hmm... it's not that great really either.

  2. It looks a good toy in principle .. undecided