Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Anchor Cooking Challenge

My hubbie is always baking but I thought it was high time we tried getting the boys to up their intake of fruit in the process of chomping on all of this delicious cake… so I was pleased when we accepted the Britmums/Anchor Cooking Challenge to have another excuse to shove him back in the kitchen!

Anchor are celebrating launching a fabulous reward scheme, where you can use points (from special packs of Anchor Butter, Anchor Spreadable and Anchor Lighter Spreadable) to exchange for lovely kitchenware.  We were sent the cake tin and the silicon cupcake cases.  Cue big smiles, as cake is much loved here!  Not that it lasts long enough to be stored in a cake tin, but its nice to have one just in case…

Very Berry Cupcakes


250g Anchor Spreadable
250g Caster Sugar
250g Flour
4 eggs
1 tablespoon of Vanilla Essence
1 punnet of Blueberries
1 punnet of Raspberries

Prepare the fruit by washing half of each punnet, sprinkle a tea towel with floor and roll the fruit up in it, so its all covered in flour (leave it covered for 30 minutes to help dry it out, no one likes soggy fruit cupcakes and this helps avoid that!)

Preheat oven to 180 degrees (C)

Mix in Anchor Spreadable and the Caster Sugar

Whisk in the eggs

Beat in the essence

Fold in the floor

Add fruit and mix

Put one tablespoon of mixture into each Anchor case

Cook for 18 minutes (or until golden)

Allow to cool then serve with Anchor Squirty Cream and the rest of the fruit to decorate

The left over cakes were temporarily stored in the cake tin, but the rate my mum was eating them they did not stay in there very long!!!

I’m working with Anchor to promote their brand new Rewards Club, find out how you can get some of their kitchenware as well as more prizes

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  1. These look scrummy and also good for you at the same time! #winwin