Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Big Boots Blaze Brigade Review

My boys have seen the advert on television and have been going big boots crazy!  Thankfully I had the opportunity to review to make them both very happy indeed.

They are quite novel toys with the extra large boots.  It also means they always land on their feet however you throw them and trust me we tested it quite extensively!  The Blaze Brigade comes with three Big Boots characters but we were also sent another set which included an additional three.

The fire truck has lots of great features to launch into action.  If your attending to a fire you want to be on the scene quickly, well that’s no problem for these guys, you can shoot them out of the driving seat at speed (do not attempt this in real life, even if you are wearing particularly BIG boots!).

The launching elements make it a very exciting toy for the 3+ market.  There is a fair bit of variety with the ability to drive around then launch dramatically from the ladder, two sides AND the front of the truck and finally you can equip the water hose and use the projectile to take out a fire.  An imaginary fire of course as no water is used in the making of this toy review…

I am quite pleased as the other two fire trucks they own come with firing real water capabilities and every thing gets into a soggy mess so I am all for plastic projectiles!

Here is a video of the toy in action:

Available to buy for £18.49 on offer from Smyths, I do think it will be a hit for Christmas and at that price it’s cheap as chips!  But the quality is good for the price and I would happily recommend this to anyone.

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  1. Looks fab hun! My boy will love this, thanks for a fab review xx