Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bratz™ Funk ‘n’ Glow Review

My little doll tester was over the moon when a Bratz™ Funk ‘n’ Glow doll arrived.  She is a true professional, each doll is subjected to a thorough testing, involving lots of cuddles and kisses, a tea party and usually a sleepover!


Well this doll passed with flying colours; named Meygan she had long flowing hair to rival any lady on those awful shampoo adverts, pretty clothes and a dazzling tiara.  She was also hugely entertaining if not a little magical with the special 3D glasses.  Upon wearing them you see the dress light up!  Bless my little tester she was quite confused when the glasses were off and asked where the pretty lights had gone!  But she was very impressed with them once she realised they came back when she donned the glasses again.

These dolls have an RRP of £24.99 and given the glasses and all the accessories (which self respecting doll would be seen out and about without their purse, earrings and hair brush!), I think they make a lovely addition to any doll collection.  I am feeling slightly miffed that the dolls I had as a child weren’t half as fancy as these!

It is a very exciting time with all the new Bratz dolls.  If I had a little girl I would not be struggling with what to buy them for Christmas.  A pretty doll and there happiness is complete.

For more information regarding stockists visit the Bratz website.

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  1. How ridiculously cute is this little girl!!! Makes me want to try again for a missy all of my own x