Monday, 22 October 2012

Build A Bear Pumpkin Pal Teddy Review

Perfect for Halloween when all the spooks and creepiness get too much for the little ones, a visit to Build A Bear to pick up one of these soft adorable teddies must be in order!  Come bedtime a new lovely companion to settle them off to sleep might help them forget everything that goes bump in the dark!

The box he arrived in helps set Pumpkin Pal Teddy apart as a quality soft toy, it also brings more fun to your purchase, as you can colour in his home and make it more unique.

Everything about this teddy appears well made, it seems like a safe teddy for your child to fall asleep with.  I love the pumpkin design, especially the pumpkin stitched nose!  My boys have him on a night share system, every night they swap him over for the next one to have his turn.  I am sorely tempted to ask when I get my turn, because he is so nice to cuddle!  My friend bought her daughter over to play and we had a mini meltdown when she desperately wanted to leave with him and could not!  My friend is now scheduling a trip to Build A Bear is a matter of urgency… but luckily you can buy them online too, over on their website.

I think he is well worth the £13.50 and brings a furry friend aspect to the otherwise quite dark Halloween celebrations.  Am sure he will be a centrepiece for our Halloween party and all the children will be lining up for a squeeze.  You can even dress him up for the occasion, with a sparkly pumpkin outfit and fetching sequin pointy slippers (of all things!) at an extra cost.  But we love him without any extra glitter and gold, he is just perfect as he is!

New Best friends!


  1. Given a G+1 I loveeee him/her!

    Another amazing review by yours truly! Thank's hun I'm looking forward to the Christmas bear I'm so excited! xx

  2. He's gorgeous, the pumpkin nose reminds me of a Care Bear!