Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cheekyshoes Review

Firstly the colours are bright, very vibrant and summery!  But they are exceptionally comfy so you would be hard pushed to put them away till next season.  Frankly I prefer wearing them to my slippers than keep them stored away!  But they would jazz up most outfits and bring some sunshine back on gloomy cold winter days.  There would be no mistaking you have new shoes, when your out and about in these.  The kind of colours you wear when you want to be noticed!

But the one downside was you could really see my hunched up toes through the material, which was not very flattering (although maybe I have particularly awful toes!).  I think in defence of Cheekyshoes perhaps I should have ordered a size bigger, as I tried them on my friend and my mum and their toes looked okay, hidden under the material.  They are a size 4 and a size 5 respectively and I had ordered the size 6, which I normally am.  If you look at the videos and the pictures on their site, other people do not seem to have this issue.  At school my friend did call me duck feet…

The material reminded me of a diving shoe, but they still managed to look quite stylish on.  These would be very comfortable shoes for long walks; epic days at work and just to keep your feet warm around the house (especially if you have wooden flooring!).  I do like them for the price (£19.99), just think carefully what size you order, but if you have dainty toes, you might be fine!  Perfect for throwing in your luggage as they take hardly any space and would look lovely  teamed with flowing dresses on the continent!

You can find out more from the website.  If you are tempted and I am sure you will be, you can get 30% off with the code Kiwi.

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