Monday, 15 October 2012

Ecover Review

It’s no secret I keep yammering on about my dislike of cleaning!  I think with my two boys trashing quicker than I can ever tidy, as mentioned before I have resigned to living in chaos.  But it’s not to say that occasionally with the right cleaning product, I do gain some momentum and fire up my cleaning mojo!

With the cold weather setting in, it’s nice using a product scented with cinnamon, cranberry and gingerbread to get into the festive spirit and have a warmer fragrance for this time of year.  When you are dressed in your thermals, a summary fragrance just wouldn’t cut it!

Festive Cookie is available from October to February, so you do not have long to make the most of it; priced at £1.85 it’s a welcome change from the usual scents you have.  I love the foam buster element, as I do tend to get into a bubbly mess doing dishes, I spend ages trying to find things to wash under the frenzy of bubbles dominating the sink! 

We were also sent the Laundry Gel, I did not even realise Ecover made this.  It is labelled as tough on stains but being gentle on nature plus smelling lovely (I thought maybe a little like bubblegum) it was an instant hit in our family.

Our hob is looking very distressed and in need of good clean, thankfully the Oven and Hob Cleaner made light work of all that grease.  Some jobs are pretty thankless in the kitchen but with the whole place having more sparkle I am feeling much more cheery!

The wipes are great as the scent is pleasant but not overpowering, some wipes blow your socks off with their intense fake smells.

It goes without saying that all Ecover products are very green and great for the environment, but still really lovely to use.  I must confess I am all for helping out in my little way, but I am glad with Ecover its not at the expense of decent cleaning power and effectiveness!

You can find out more about Ecover from their website.

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