Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween at Asda

We were sent two fabulous outfits from Asda, along with a selection of other bits and bobs!  My boys are just desperate for Halloween to come, as they want to be busy decorating, parading around in their fancy new outfits and getting stuck in to all the Halloween fodder!

A bargain at £10 each!  You might not be able to see their cheeky smiles hidden under those fabulous masks, but they were two happy boys wearing these!

Tinsel Bat is a welcome addition to their Halloween pet collection!  They already have a Toady and a Ratty, so time to add a Batty into the mix!  It is quite a sweet bat, nice to have some things that aren’t too scary on the actual day… I don’t want the other little guests heading straight back out the front door, as our house is too spooky!

Hubbie was impressed with the chains and had to have a go at wearing them!  They do look the part with the benefit of not being real and dangerous as the children wield it around the place…

The decorations are cheap and very long...............

A fellow blogger got Halloween cake in her samples, whereas I did not, I did a quiet sob but I did have some fabulous fake tinsel red eyelashes, which have gone to help decorate the rock chick Guy for a school Guy Fawkes modelling competition!  So you win some you lose some, but with Asda you never really lose, as all their products are pretty great and suitably priced!

Head over to Asda quick smart and get the party started!

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