Friday, 19 October 2012

Leapster GS Review

One brand we are huge fans of here is LeapFrog, we have the tag reader and a LeapPad console already in residence.  So it was exciting to get an opportunity to review another of their fine offerings.

My eldest loved how it sits in his hands, it was easy for him to control and manage.  The screen is a decent size.  With a streamlined design, you are ready for all the action in the many available apps and games.  All that is missing is go faster stripes for the racing!  But with the added thrill of tilting your screen to move characters, it’s an all-embracing game playing experience. 

To be honest I am surprised how much you get for such a good price (£64.99).  It is the perfect starter console system for children 4+.  They can do all the things they love too, without needing to use your stuff!  We have gone through no less than THREE digital cameras here, seeing as the boys insist they want to play with them, I have so many random pictures!  However they are not designed for children so tend to give up and break just to be left in peace I think!  With the Leapster GS they can use their own camera and video recorder, which is a lot better for parents nerves (and overdrafts!) about yet more expensive technology being trashed!!!

Games are also very educational and can really give a little nudge to reluctant learners, try as I might I cannot make a learning book look as fun as what LeapFrog have on offer and its one sure way to get eldest doing some mathematics.  His teacher says he is very good at it!

One thing you can rely on with LeapFrog products is they are built to last being very strong and durable.  Much better to get them one of these than let them anywhere near your iPhone game apps, just look at the iPhone the wrong way and the screen smashes!  As my friend knows all to well…

Having a houseful of consoles though my friend wanted to buy it from me for her son, it really does make a perfect Christmas present for the little ones (she has tucked it away just for that very purpose!).

Available to buy from Toys R Us now.  This completes our second box.

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