Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Poppy Cat Book Releases

We were sent the two new Poppy Cat hardback books (All Aboard! and Blast Off!) and my youngest son was very pleased!  

He is three and a HUGE Poppy Cat fan.  When we were at the Lollibop festival we heard these two books being read.  He was enthralled!  

But even tucked in his bed, without the addition of an actual Poppy Cat to add to the excitement and just his mummy doing the reading, he loved the books again!  I thought I had no chance living up to his past experience, but the books are such lovely little tales that a child soon gets caught up in them.

They are very colourful and not too long, just the perfect size for their attention spans.  With enough opportunities to ask them what they think might happen next or get involved in some actions, like pretending to be pirates (yes I did learn some tips from the professional story teller at Lollibop!).

It definitely helped me get him off to sleep tonight!  I think he must have been overtired as he had a grumpy face on until I mentioned the magic words; “we have some new poppy cat books to review”!  He was all sunshine and light then lol.

Available to buy from all good book shops, but very cheaply from Amazon, £3.49 each for All Aboard! and Blast Off!  Great bargains to tuck away for Christmas.

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