Saturday, 20 October 2012

Syl-la-bles Review

Come Christmas we always like to play a board game when the children have gone to bed, its one of our highlights as a family, even my brother gets involved until he has to meet his mates in the pub of course!  Our boys go to bed quite early still, but when they are older I am sure they will be joining in, especially now we have found this new exciting game.

Hubbie and I played it last night and it’s the most fun I have had in ages.  I love the challenge of it!  It is an 8+ game but because there are two levels of difficulty it can cater well for adults and children alike.  It has definitely helped get my cogs spinning around in my poor under utilised brain.  I am too reliant on spell checker on a computer and its good to give myself a thorough mental workout!  It might help hubbie’s atrocious spelling too…

You travel round the board seeing who is the first to accumulate enough points, the game is quite flexible and there is no set finishing point, you decide yourself when enough is enough.  Although for adults as a guideline it says 10,000 points and if playing with a child 5,000 points – which sounds like a crazy long time to be playing!  But each turn can get you around 300+ points (more as you get better at picking words with lots of syllables!).  You land on a letter and have to come up with a word of your choosing beginning with that letter before the timer runs out.

You get 50 points per syllable and a set number of points for each letter, they are weighted so you do try hard to think up words with V, W and Z in, then when you realise the timer is almost out and you can’t quite manage such a cryptic word combination you do tend to go with something quite lame!  But its great testing your limits to see if you can come up with something to earn yourself lots of lovely points!

There are also a couple of extra sections on the board, a spelling bee, where on the spot you must correctly spell a word!  I had “pseudonym”… but I added an “e” on the end for some reason under the pressure!  Much to hubbie’s obvious delight… then you have a thesaurus part too, where you have to guess another given word for the one shown.  I had “stature”; I picked “position” and no wrong again!  Evidently I need lots more practise, so tonight I shall be ready for round two…

A must buy available from The Green Board Game Co with an RRP of £19.99.

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  1. Great review! Can't wait to try it out!!