Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sylvanian Families Twitter Party – We survived!

The party went well, but we are now living in a world of tiny bits of cutlery dotted around the house.  Youngest is in his element though with his new fancy log cabin (with operating light and indoor toilet!) and a sports track to add to his growing collection!

Prior to arriving at the party I was told by one mum that party dresses were in order!  Having two boys I wondered what we had let ourselves in for having a house full of giggling young ladies...

Here are some of the highlights:

The Ginger Cat Family enjoying a quiet dinner, no clue what is shortly in store for them...

"Help the big people are gate crashing our el fresco dinning!"

One of the four colouring competition winners (I did not have the heart to pick just one and instead divided up the lovely characters in the box between them!)

Stop and refuel! 

Go again...

Then "BYE!"

One little girl very sad the party had to end...


  1. It was a great party - the girls loved it. And at least I now know what they want for Christmas... a cow family, a bunny family, a squirrel family etc etc

  2. Such an amazng job honey! Well done x

  3. Very good photos and kids are too cute. i also buy some of sylvanian families for my kids from