Friday, 12 October 2012

Sylvanian Families Twitter Party

My youngest is Sylvanian Families mad!  Since he reviewed the Camper Van and a cat family he cannot get enough of the little critters!  He loves all the accessories, which really make them stand out as toys perfect for BIG imaginations.

We felt quite privileged to be hosting a party again (along with twenty four other families this time).  The contents of the box were simply overwhelming.  Lots of little Sylvanian Families babies, pushchairs and tiny bottles to care and nurture them, I think its definitely bringing out a loving side to my youngest.  He is being more cuddly and kind to me!  He was especially excited to see the log cabin and it is taking ALL his willpower to leave it in my office for Tuesday…

So let the cake eating and toy playing start in earnest on the 16th October between 4 – 6pm.  The great thing is that everyone else can get involved too by making sure you you’re following @ukmumstv on Twitter and using the hashtag #sylvanianfamiliesparty you have the chance of winning some fabulous Sylvanian toys and prizes!


  1. Wowwwww!!! My niece would have loved it!! Amazing!!

  2. Wow!! How lucky are you, what a great pile of loot! x