Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Great Quarry Climb Review

Both boys were over the moon to see this; it has actually rekindled their love of all things Thomas.  They had gone off it and their extensive track and shiny engines had been stored forgotten in a cupboard, feeling all neglected!  Well that has changed now, with this exciting piece slotting in, they are happily playing with their engines again.  Which is something of a relief as when I take them to review Thomas Land, it will be a fun experience for them!

Everything is well made and sturdy, designed to survive the heavy-handed nature of the 3+ market at play.  Youngest who is 3 had no problem managing all the functions.  Eldest who is 5 really enjoyed the set too, so it shows that it will last a few years in terms of interest, so you do get plenty of value from your purchase.

The following video by youngest demonstrates some of the features of the set.  Thomas is being a useful engine hauling his heavy cargo.

I do think its worth spending out the £39.99 even if you have no other track; it’s enough of a stand-alone piece to get really stuck into.  The set says it folds up for portable play but I am not entirely convinced about their idea of folding up!  But saying that its a reasonable size to leave out for playing without it dominating the entire room.

Available to buy now from Toys R Us

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