Friday, 9 November 2012

Angry Birds™ Star Wars™ Playing Cards Review

Stocking filler inspiration is not always easy to find, there are only so many Satsuma’s and sweets you can cram into one stocking.  Especially as stockings seem to have morphed in size dramatically since I was a child!  So I am always on the lookout for anything lovely to be added.  Nothing like their look of wonderment come Christmas morning.  I wish I could bottle the lovely feeling and treasure it throughout the tantrums and meltdowns of the year!

There are four collectable tins available we had the Chewbacca Angry Birds one.  

I love the quality of the tin, if you’re a fan of either Star Wars or Angry Birds you will love this set.  Each set comes complete with a 3D Bonus card, more of a keepsake than anything for game play.  I think the Angry Birds look slightly fabulous styled in Star Wars design.  The game rules are available on the website, but you can just use them as a normal pack of cards, just one that is much more exclusive and fun to play with. 

It is quite a novelty seeing the Angry Birds dressed in this manner.  My boys have yet to enjoy the whole Star Wars saga but I remember it fondly.  Angry Birds though they are very familiar with, always trying to grab the phone of me to get further on the game.

With an RRP of £4.99 a worthy stocking filler, the Angry Birds™ Star Wars™ Playing Cards are available at all good toy retailers. For further information visit or call 01268 511522.

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