Thursday, 8 November 2012

Brave Wii Game Review

As its rated 12, I thought I would task hubbie with reviewing.  I naively assumed all Disney Wii games would be suitable for younger children, without checking first when I asked if I could review.  But having watched hubbie playing it, I think my two would be okay as long as they were only watching, I only saw the first couple of levels so unless it got considerably darker of course.  The controls and the puzzles would be too complicated for them to manage but they would like seeing the three little bears (the brothers of the princess who were also transformed!).  

Minus a proper smile, down to being unimpressed I disturbed his game play for a picture opportunity!!!

I left hubbie trying to do battle with a rock monster type thing.  He looked like he had his work cut out, it did not help he would fall of the side of the cliff and lose some life trying to distance himself from the rock monster to get ranged attacks in!  But it is more challenging not having the invisible barrier that stops you falling that happens in lots of games, so its more realistic!  Better to let children realise in life there are no invisible barriers!!!  You would fall of the side of the world, not be buffered by magic!

She randomly drones on to herself in the game, saying things like “I’m not afraid of heights”, well that’s a relief having seen hubbie attempting to cross the tricky rock jumps… she needs to be made of strong stuff to let him take control!  Thankfully in these tumbles you only lose some life and not all of it, otherwise he would not be making much progress.

I will not give away too much of the plot in case it spoils it for you, but suffice to say it is quite a gripping game.  The puzzles and groups of monsters leaving plenty of challenge, hubbie had lots of fun with the controls, auto aim helps target monsters making it easier for the suggested age group and he enjoyed swiping the Wii to mimic the action of a sword!  He was very excited about the weapon upgrades.  I enjoyed watching the effects of the fire crossbow and the attacks of the monsters, like the tree ice attack, so good graphics on the whole.

Hubbie got so involved in reviewing; it left me no time to indulge in our evening TV viewing!  So absorbing is one word to describe this Wii title.  I quite enjoyed the music, very atmospheric and Scottish ballad at times.  A game suitable for those who love action, adventure and the search for secret chests!

Available to buy from Amazon for £16.99, also available in other formats, Nintendo DS, Playstation 3 and Xbox360.

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