Thursday, 8 November 2012

Deadly Diaries Review

November is here and another fabulous offering from Orion Books, this time in the shape of Steve Backshall and his diary!  It is more of a breakdown of his travels, the animals he sees and the reality of filming deadly wildlife, rather than anything juicy about what he gets up to in his personal life but very entertaining just the same. 

Eldest is crazy about Steve Backshall and loves watching Deadly 60 on television.  For Christmas unknown to him we have the top trumps cards and DVD squirreled away in readiness!  I am sure my eldest now knows more about wild animals than I do… I can see him when he is older out in the wilds getting close to some exotic species’.

Even though he is only 5 my son will enjoy this book greatly!  He really gets into nature books, its daddy and him time, whilst I am looking for Goldbug with youngest for the hundredth time (Goldbug is starting to wear very thin!)

It is good to read about the roles of the people in the film crew.  The difficulties of filming whilst in hard terrains or whilst swimming, the sound crew stop wind and engine noises running a good show.  All things I had not considered, I am just used to watching a fantastic show, I did not realise the hard work and dedication that goes into it.  How they follow droppings (that is commitment!) and markings to find rare animals, so we at home get to share Steve Backshall’s obsession with wildlife (from the comfort of our own sofa, I am quite happy on the other side of the book/TV screen!).

Lots of great photography and insider information of life on the road, a wonderful hardback book any youngster with a fascination with animals will love (and one the grownups will enjoy too!).

Available to buy from Amazon on offer for £7.49!  A great price for a hardback book of this quality, definitely one to add the Christmas hoards.

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