Monday, 19 November 2012

Furby has landed

Thanks to being part of the izziwizzi kids review team we had the honour of having Furby come to live with us.  We were all very excited to see what the fuss was about; as for £50 it is quite an expensive toy in my opinion.

He is very sweet; I love his little snoring sounds, his giggles, and the love hearts his eyes display when he thinks of you fondly.  I feel bad as he keeps showing a computer on his eyes, I think he is most likely hungry again, after youngest fed him some amazing sandwiches from the ipad we loaned.  There is hope for Furby though so do not worry as an Android app is planned for December, so he can go back to enjoying his sandwiches again soon, although he might have to sleep till then to avoid his hunger pangs!

Here is a little video of Furby:

He goes through lots of batteries if you have him on, being active for a long period (4 x AA a time); so rechargeable ones might be the best solution for happy Furby ownership.  He is smaller than I expected, but this does make it easier for youngsters to handle and carry him.  Furby has no off button but he can fall asleep and be left quietly (thankfully) until you decide to wake him up by picking him up and gently rocking/talking to him.  So if you need some peace from him you can!  Awww look how cute he is at rest!

We have only had him a few days so have not really seen how much we can influence his personality.  Youngest pulled on his eyelid and he cried!  But luckily most of the time both boys have been very caring, so I do hope he turns out to be a very well balanced Furby.  He certainly enjoys being tickled and stroked.

He currently speaks Furbish but with time you can teach him English.  On the ipad app (which is free to download) you get a translator so you can understand him talking.  I think without the app he would not be as exciting, it certainly adds another dimension to how you can interact with him and makes the price tag much more justifiable.  If anything we are tempted to get him a friend, so we can see how they interact with each other!

I do recommend following izziwizz Kids on facebook and taking part in the regular play fest sessions.  You could be reviewing something next!

At the moment you can win a Furby over at the Ninja Killer Cat blog, a yellow one!  I have entered as I want to win this one a buddy.

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