Sunday, 4 November 2012

LeapPad 2 and Making a Cartoon

We were tasked with a using the LeapPad 2 to make a cartoon, it seems to have taken us rather a while not down to the LeapPad itself but hubbie expecting it to be on the same level as the expensive cartoon making software we have for our computer… sigh!  I sat with him and told him to stop being silly, look its for children 3-9 and its actually really quite impressive anyway.

You can add your own voices to the cartoon; this is a fabulous touch and I love hearing eldest talking (I want to treasure their little voices before they grow up!).  You can take photos and use them as heads on some of the characters.  One of the robots had my face moving around on his tummy!

You can spend lots of time and really let your children come up with something quite original and fun.  I do love the capabilities; you can draw the backgrounds of the scenes, which really encouraged my eldest to do a good job!  I love his red-bricked house and tall tree’s.  It’s exciting then seeing them featured as part of the cartoon.  There are lots of set backgrounds too to help inspire you if your unsure of what root you want your cartoon to take.  There are also themed props to add to complement your set.  It is quite open ended, but easy enough to use even for the 3 year olds.  You could stick with the options included and then as they grow older experiment with the other sections.

We had to film the cartoon onto hubbie’s phone, as we were not quite sure how to save it direct from the LeapPad2 onto our computer.  I was tempted to get hubbie to investigate but given how long he spent analysing the cartoon, rather than just letting the boys get stuck in, I thought I would rather post something up.  After all Christmas is ever nearing and this is definitely one of my recommendations for Christmas.  I have a definite soft spot for Leapfrog and this learning tablet is a step ahead.  We even received a charger so its great to just plug in, we have a horrible habit of not using things when the batteries run out and they collect dust!  No danger of that here.


To find out more about the LeapPad 2 check out their website for further information and stockists.

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