Friday, 30 November 2012

Micro Scooters Aid Programme

It is lovely to hear in hard financial times companies still finding the heart to be charitable, to help those very deserving people in the world who frankly have so much less than lots of us do.  We might think its tough but we are blessed compared to many of the children in the third world, who would be grateful for anything new to play with.   Micro Scooters are supporting Tumaini Children’s Home in Kenya, a children’s orphanage by sending them their recycled scooters you donate so they can enjoy the physical exercise and the thrill and excitement of a new toy.

I am going to donate my son’s Mini Micro scooter we reviewed as I have bought him a Maxi Micro (he was just a tad too heavy for his Mini bless him), I think there is nothing more rewarding than helping others and thinking that little scooter will be bringing enjoyment to another child on the other side of the world, a child who has had a very tough start to life.  I have seen how much my boys love whizzing around on their scooters, I am grateful that Micro Scooters are letting me have an opportunity to help.  I like the sound of this programme because Micro Scooters have actually visited this orphanage, so you know they have chosen a worthy place for the scooters you donate, somewhere it will make a real difference.

You can find out more about the scheme on their website.

But in essence donating a scooter will cost you nothing, you can print off a free return label off the website and then glow with pride for helping.  Only Micro Scooters own scooters can be accepted (whether they are old, broken or just unused!), as they have the correct parts for these so can fix them up as new including the all important safety checks.  You can even add a letter with the scooter you donate, which I think is even more special and my boys will enjoy helping me with that.

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