Friday, 2 November 2012

NatWest #PigsByKids Competition

We were sent an amazing craft bundle and a cuties and pals pig bag to tell my lovely followers about the fabulous NatWest competition that is currently running.  The boys could not wait to get stuck in, letting their creative impulses run wild!  You should have seen the after shots we had paint and glitter everywhere...

NatWest are looking for children up to 13 years old to design a pig.  You can then upload it onto their website.

The winning design will become the new NatWest piggy bank.  How amazing would that be, a very proud moment indeed!  It is really quite easy to enter, just upload their entry along with a 100-word story about their pig.  The great thing is children can use any medium they like, they can do it with paper, felt, modelling clay, even cotton wool if they so desired, as long as they name their pig and team it up with the story they are in the competition. 

I think it is great NatWest are encouraging children’s creativity and letting them unleash their imaginations with the accolade of being part of NatWest piggy bank history!  All approved entries get a personalised certificate, which I think is a lovely touch.  Not everyone can ever be a winner, but acknowledging effort is very kind of NatWest.

Closing date for entries is 12pm on 11th of November 2012.  Terms and conditions do apply so head over to the website.

I asked my two boys to come up with their own pigs…

Switching to clay modelling we have Action Pig, complete with flowing yellow cloak and butterfly motif!

I am reliably informed there is a pig there (somewhere!?!)

Abstract pig with many trotters for the win!

We hope you have as much fun as my boys did!  Perfect timing to set your child off crafting with another day of the half term holidays to fill.

Even I enjoyed having a try (but being well past 13 years old obviously shall not be entering!).  Here is a pig in honour of Movember (the moustache growing charity event!).

This is an advertising promotion for NatWest.


  1. Wow, now there is a stash of crafty goodies. Love your pigs!

  2. Hamilton Courtney2 November 2012 at 16:39

    Love the pigs! Look like your boys had a tonne of fun doing them :)

    You seem to find really interesting niche things to blog about, I thought your frankie and bennie's post was interesting! I want to make that frozen cocktail now haha.

    All the best,

  3. WOW, looks like your lil ones had fun I love crafts! What a great way to spread the word x

  4. The pack arrived as a shock for us as well, very thoughtful to give the kids plenty of materials for inspiration! We are still waiting for Abby's to dry but I'll get her do a picture one too! x