Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Reading Eggs Review

I have cut back on reviews and initially thought I would not have time for this one, but the company was very understanding and just said give it a try then review if you feel you want to.  Well I am so glad I had a little nose, as it is absolutely amazing!  Eldest is completely and utterly absorbed by it, he wants to play on my computer everyday now.  He would skip a session on his DS in favour of Reading Eggs every time!!!

When you first sign up your child does a test to assess their starting level, I was particularly impressed with this.  The lessons are then pitched at the right level and they learn more as they progress.  So far eldest has been using it with youngest watching, but am sure at some point he will be desperate to take the helm!  Then I will never have access to my computer again!  But it is a small price to pay for advancing their reading level.

It is very motivational, with the incentive of earning golden coins and progressing around a map as you do well in the lessons.  The lessons are very colourful with plenty of fun characters.  At the end of a section you always have a “nice job”, “well done” or “you’re a star!” message to spur you on.  There is plenty of repetition in the lessons to reinforce learning; it is a very well thought out program.  If they feel they are struggling they can return to earlier lessons, then move off again.

My eldest is five and he could navigate round the lessons well, he could be left to do some whilst I folded the washing away and played housewife (so hubbie does come home to a marginally more tidy house!).  At school at the moment they only concentrate on Welsh reading, so this is really giving him the boost he needs to keep up with his English.  He has come on leaps and bounds already!

The screens were quick to load, they do have little games to play whilst they load, but it was so quick eldest did not need them.  But if you want colouring or more catching games you can head to the playroom section as a treat for completing a lesson.  He enjoyed popping balloons and bouncing a teddy on a trampoline.  But thankfully as you earn no gold coins playing there, the real incentive is thankfully in the lessons; so he is always keen to return to them.  The playroom is a fabulous place to start off the little ones; my three year old will enjoy getting the hang of using the mouse and clicking different things here, before moving onto lessons when he is ready.

You can also print out certificates and put them up, showing your child how proud you are of their achievement!  I like that I am sent an email with his progress too.

I think it is very worthwhile doing a free trial, usually you have a two-week free trial but I have been provided with the code UKB24MBE so your child can enjoy a five-week free trial.  I think once you have seen the benefits and the improvements in your child’s reading level you will be as hooked as they are!  You can then subscribe for a year for £39.95, which given the quality of the teaching program, I think is good value.  I know we will be signing up when all our free time runs out.

You can find out more at the website.

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