Thursday, 1 November 2012

Samsung and the Institute of Play Sponsored Video

It is great to see education evolving, when I was a student over ten years ago, we had no tablets with Wi-Fi access, technology has just come so far.  I would sit there looking perplexed on occasion trying to learn fact after boring fact.  Some of the lessons they had better techniques to encourage our involvement but in the majority of them we simply listened to lots of information without having any influence or control over it.

Samsung have teamed up with the Institute of Play who are helping change the way students learn by actively interacting with technology.

Samsung adapted EvoQuest the game in the video for the Galaxy Note 10.1. 

Watching the video and hearing of winged monsters and missions is the stuff of fantasies!  But for students feeling they have influence on the world around them is empowering, these devices let them manipulate and create new meaning not just remember lots of tedious facts!  Inspiring students to embrace learning differently, with more of a challenge, not just in a parrot fashion learning lots of details. 

This way is exciting, I am sure I would have nodded off less in my lectures if I had been engaged like this.  The sad thing is I remember so little of the “facts” I religiously learnt to pass my exams anyway.  So I am all for trying new ways of learning.  I know my boys will have a very different experience to education than I did, already they are familiar with computers and smart phones.

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