Saturday, 3 November 2012

Slugs and Snails Tights now at DaisychainBaby

I was of mixed opinions of boys in tights, but I thought I would give them a whirl, as they look very nice.  With spiders, boats and planes to name but a few, if you were ever tempted to get tights for your boys, these would be the ones you would pick!  The colours are perfect too; we had the bold orange Ivor Spider tights.  They are definitely eye catching and youngest did look exceptionally cute in them!

I love how comfortable they feel.  They are really well made, with non-slip text on the feet making them great for wooden flooring.  Usually when we are at my friends with wooden floor youngest skids all over the place, the same at the local leisure centre with the polished flooring.  Now he seems to stay rooted!  Hooray less tears all round…

The reaction of youngest when he first saw set eyes on the tights was lukewarm to say the least but I asked him again after he had worn them for a while, adding shall we give them to one of your little girlfriends but he was like “no I want to keep them!” (In a gruff voice!)  So that says it all really.  These tights have the recommendation of my lovely little three year old!  He is impressed with the little leaf motif on his bottom and feeling toasty.  He is like me and feels the cold, so to avoid hibernating throughout winter, these might help get us out of the house more!

He was glad he had them on under his trousers watching the fireworks; it helped keep him snug, as it was a very bitter night.  They are great as an extra layer as they are super soft but very cosy.  So even if you had no plans to wear them instead of trousers, under trousers it just looks like your boy is wearing funky socks (but socks that actually stay on and don’t go missing around the house!).  They washed well too; I wish I had stumbled upon them sooner, I think I probably would have insisted on ALL the designs when mine were babies.  I am definitely coming round to the merits of tights for boys; hubbie on the other hand still needs some convincing… (but look at the picture he so pulls off the look!)

Head over to DaisychainBaby for all your organic baby clothes needs right now, especially with the discount code WEARE4 (giving 25% off your purchase) to celebrate their 4th birthday.  It is valid till Friday so plenty of time to stock up on these tights!  Normally they cost £10 so only £7.50 with that lovely code!  You can see the range of Slugs and Snails Tights on the DaisychainBaby website.  My review order arrived quickly and beautifully presented!

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