Monday, 12 November 2012

Stuck on You Christmas T-Shirt Review

I was very excited to be sent two Christmas T-Shirts by Stuck on You to review with my youngest and one of his best friends.  They both looked simply adorable in their new t-shirts.

The t-shirts are quite lightweight, but would be plenty warm enough if layered underneath with a vest or t-shirt.  The design on the front was lovely, perfect to start gearing up for Christmas.  I am getting more excited as it gets closer.  So its time to think about these extra touches like Christmas items to wear, especially with a cute motif featuring a happy Father Christmas, a friendly reindeer and a helpful elf! 

I think items like this are even more special with being personalised.  The two friends were both thrilled to see their names on what they were wearing.  They retail at £18.99 each, but as they seemed a generous fit, I am sure we would get a couple of Christmas uses out of them!

I just have to make sure hubbie does not tumble dry this!  It does say quite clearly not to, but my hubbie has his own hit and miss washing style and nothing is ever really safe!!!  He will be in the doghouse if he ruins this!  The cake t-shirt I reviewed and was particularly fond of survived no time at all!  Hubbie tumbled the design to an inch of its life… if he sets one foot near this Christmas T-Shirt he will get what for!

With thirteen different designs to pick from they would make a lovely gift for any child you know.  But personally I would order it now just to wear lots of times before the special day, especially if you like to get your money’s worth.  If you want a cheaper option you could get some Christmas Mini Badges for £6.50 and stick them on whatever they are wearing!  They look quite rather cool.

You can find more of the fabulous range of personalised Christmas items on their website.

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