Saturday, 3 November 2012

the handpicked foodstore launch

We were sent a taster of smoked salmon as an introduction to celebrate the launch of the handpicked foodstore.  I was quite excited by the prospect of having some unique flavoured MacGilvray Scottish smoked salmon with cream cheese in a bagel.  It was a nice change from  my usual luncheon offerings, a huge improvement on yet another ham sandwich!  Although I did have to contend with one of the cats circling my lunch, eyeing it up greedily, ever hopeful I would leave them a little morsel.  Well lovely cats you can think again, you have your cat food!!!

If you like your food, this is the place to be, with plenty to choose from.  Our salmon arrived in perfect condition, packaged well with an ice pack.  Reassuringly the despatch and use by date are all clearly marked.  There is also information regarding storage and serving the salmon.  In all the times I have enjoyed smoked salmon I have not once let it breathe outside the pack for an hour before to improve the richness of the flavour.  I am now reliably informed and shall do it more justice from this day on.  That’s why shopping somewhere like this is more than just purchasing  food, its about buying an education in that food!

The salmon did melt in the mouth.  It is a shame really as I have got quite the taste for it and I had wanted to ask hubbie for a onesie for Christmas, now I might have to ask for a supply of smoked salmon instead! 

The site is jam packed with lots of indulgent fine foods but with prices that are justifiable, as they have been handpicked by experts for their taste and quality.  I do have my eye on the Baby Cakes, but with my sweet tooth that should come as no surprise.  They look just adorable; if they ever want to do tasters of cake… do remember me!  I am an expert in that field (well for the eating aspect anyway)…

To find out more head over to their website

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