Monday, 17 December 2012

Abbey Home Media Releases

The boys were very happy to set eyes on the two DVD’s we were sent by Abbey Media.  We have had a chance to watch a little bit more on the TV with the nights drawing in, so finally had the opportunity to watch them.  With all the after school clubs it always seems a frantic dash everywhere, its time to start relaxing over the Christmas break, especially now they are both full of cold, sigh!

Both DVD’s would make lovely little stocking fillers.

Jelly Jamm: Radio Goomo

Was very colourful and filled with the adventures of five nutty friends.  My boys laughed lots at their silly antics.  Both were totally absorbed by it, the friends are like typical kids, squabbling, being loud and over excited.  Trying to work together (not always successfully) to solve problems (like getting the super loud radio off their friend before their ears explode!).  It shows children how better to deal with problems, if unhappy just telling their friend turned out easier than elaborate plans to try and remedy the situation!

In another episode one of the friends has jelly measles but wants to carry on and not admit he is poorly.  In the end he admits very reluctantly that he needs rest and medicine.  His friend stays to look after him and another friend stops them missing out on the beautiful aurora by making a series of mirrors transport the effect into their room.  Shows the value of friendship and how kind everyone can be to each other.

Available to buy from Amazon for £6.69

Almost Naked Animals: It’s My Party

Are quite a funny looking bunch of animals, going around in an assortment of underpants and having shaved off their fur.  Probably best suited for children five plus as it is quite bizarre but that made it more entertaining for me.  Anything to have a break from yet more Cbeebies, something to get me to giggle along with the boys! 

Howie makes an interesting manager for the tropical resort with his love of stunts and very tight fitting underpants!  There is an octopus character who is prone to moments of extreme panic, a karate practising chef pig and a bunny who arranges the activities and is very kind one minute and then extremely hostile the next!  A bunch of loveable oddballs but not sure if I would ever build up the courage book a room in their resort!

Available to buy from Amazon for £7.99

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