Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Adopting an Elf

We have adopted one of Santa’s little helpers, through Elf on the Shelf, it was my mum's kind idea to give it to us.  We have named him Eddie, here he is tucked in our tree:

My mum hoped Eddie would help me out as what better incentive to behave than a elf quietly watching what they get up to and reporting directly back to the big man himself!  We started it with a flourish, very excited after reading the accompanying book with my two.  But as we started a fair few weeks back, I am running out of hiding spaces for him, I have a terrible memory so really have to wrack my brain in case Eddie has already hidden there!

Another problem is remembering to actually hide him ready for the morning, once we forgot (mean mummy I am!) as I went to the cinema with friends.  Luckily I used the excuse that youngest had touched him (rules of elf ownership are no touching of the elf, otherwise he loses his magic and cannot return to Santa supposedly!).  So thankfully I managed to get away with it.

I do love the idea though; just next year I will bring the little fellow out closer Christmas day!  But he has been a great asset, when they start playing up when we are out and about, I get my mobile phone and say I am going to ring Eddie and they are back in line behaving quick smart…

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