Monday, 10 December 2012

Children’s Film Villains

My children are getting a taste for children’s animated films, especially with us watching a few more with the colder weather keeping us indoors more.  We have a habit of decluttering our own films and selling dvds to make a few quid, but the boys collection keeps growing as they happily watch their favourites again and again.  They have even taken a shine to some of the villains.

Boingo from Hoodwinked

With a name like Boingo and a characteristically cute demeanour you have no idea he is the naughty guy, he seems to go around hopping and being friendly (if not a little nosey!).  But all this is just a big smoke screen for his plan to steal the fairy tale recipes.  A pint-sized villain goes to show they can come in all sizes, even with cottontails and big disarming bunny eyes (trust no one!).

Henry J. Waternoose from Monsters, Inc.

The main man himself in his dapper clothes and kind and caring nature for his employees does not seem a natural villain, but yet again we are deceived and he is up to no good, kidnapping sweet innocent children and getting them to scream to generate energy to power the city of Monstropolis.  Moral of the story do not trust over friendly bosses…

Vector from Despicable Me

I love this guy, he has a pet shark, he seems to be a great evil mastermind, but manages still to be conned by three adorable little girls selling cookies.  He has a certain lovable nerdy naivety.  Plus daddy kindly bankrolls him, after all if you’re planning on being an evil villain this really helps, as watching the pennies and budgeting would not seem sinister enough somehow!!!

Mother Gothel from Tangled

I love a mean mother type always makes me feel like I am coping better and the boys aren't doing too badly.  With all intents and purposes Mother Gothel seems loving and kind, she lets Rapunzel have a pet, keeps her in relatively nice accommodation (admittedly locked up in a tower, but great views!) and has hobbies to follow, but she is plainly there to keep Gothel young and beautiful (has she not heard of decent face creams!).  Be weary villains are not all after the fame and glory some just want to look pretty!!!

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