Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas with Warner Brothers

We were sent a lovely Christmas stocking from our friends at Warner Brothers filled with a couple of Blu-ray films for the grownups and some candy canes and Lindt chocolate figures (a couple have been eaten prior to taking the photo, my boys move quick when it comes to chocolate!).  

I think films make great Christmas presents, with the cold weather, nothing beats tucking up nice and warm and watching some action, romance or a good family film together (ideally with lots of munchies)!

We had The Dark Knight Rises perfect for hubbie with an action packed opening scene with lots of fighting and rolling around on a plane floor.  Interesting accent of the main bad guy, Bane (possibly slightly dodgy!), “now is not the time for fear, that comes later”… Yet I was reliably informed though from my dear friend over at DaisychainBaby that he is actually very hot under that mask, so having learnt this I am more than willing to forgive him!

Hubbie said it would be awesome to have a bat cave in our house… oh dear!  I thought a decent action film in itself was a great present for Christmas but now he is aspiring for so much more… next thing he will be trying to make our little Nissan into the bat mobile!

Takes a bit of time to get into the swing of things… as Batman slowly returns to his superhero status after retiring, prior to that he manages to get his car pinched and has a rather lackluster approach to the latest gadgets, but eventually he gets into the swing of things and is back on form!

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We also had New Year’s Eve, which was more suited to me; I really enjoyed this, watching the very diverse characters go about their plans for the New Year celebrations (or try and avoid it altogether!).  Marriage, new babies on the way and the wish of a dying man, those that want to party hard and those who would rather curl up and stay in bed!

Very funny film with very real characters (lots of quality actors), this is one film I plan to watch again and again.  I laughed lots at the parents trying desperately to be the ones to have the first baby of the new year to win the $25,000, begging for a C-section after having had plans to chant calmly during the birth!

Quality quotes of a daughter trying to get her mum to let her stay out "I am 15 this is not a training bra!" - I am so not ready for when my two boys want to get out there with their mates, can I keep them tucked up at home FOREVER lol!

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