Thursday, 13 December 2012

Even Skylanders are feeling festive

If your children are waiting with limited reserves of patience for Santa to bring Skylanders Giants for Christmas, perhaps you can keep them occupied for a little longer with a fun website to design your Skylanders Giants Christmas scene.  You can place them around a tree, a log cabin or an igloo and decorate the setting with lots of Christmas lights.  It is something to wile away the time, perhaps bring it out when you attempt to decorate the tree, that is always an interesting experience here!  Last year youngest sniffed up some packaging (so have not been in a hurry to decorate yet!).  Although if I do not start soon I do risk being slightly bah humbug, so shall start getting festive in a flourish! 

Here is how my eldest got on:

If you fancy showing your children head to the website.  You can then share their efforts with friends and family, saving on the postage and still spreading Christmas joy with a message on facebook or twitter instead!  All that spare money having no stamps to buy leaves you with more resources to stock up on the latest Giants instead.

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