Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fireman Sam Venus 2 in 1 Vehicle Playset

The boys were quite excited with their new set of wheels; the Venus 2 in 1 Vehicle Playset is lots of fun regardless of how much you like Fireman Sam.  My boys were quite big fans of the show and had a few bits and bobs dotted around the house, but do not watch it as often anymore.  Having said that this vehicle is so versatile it is definitely bringing Fireman Sam appreciation back to our house!

The boys were very impressed with real water shooting out of the hose, the tank can be removed, and so being portable no-where is safe from being drenched by them!  Obviously tackling imaginary fires is the true purpose but it was more hilarious for them seeing me have to get changed, as my bottoms were soaked through!!! Never take a picture of a child armed with a full water hose, whilst you try and get a good shot you leave ample opportunity for them to do there worst (whilst still somehow looking angelic!).  Having said that its lovely hearing their giggles and not arguing with each other for a change, so I took it all in good humour!

The little tools and Fireman Sam character pieces are a welcome addition to the set, so you can drive around and then have proper adventures.   Using the tools to rectify the situation, putting the barrier out to notify people of danger, use your fire beater (seriously I did not even know what a fire beater was until setting eyes upon this set, so very educational for me never mind the kids!!!) to sort out the fires and the axe and spade to do other tasks fitting for the role.  All in all this is the perfect toy for imaginary play and comes complete with lots of sounds and phrases to complete the experience.

The Fireman Sam range of products are available to buy from Asda.

UKMUMS.TV have a rather fabulous competition that ends on the 17th of December to win a £250 shopping spree at Asda (just think of all the cake, wine and chocolate you could buy if you win!!!) and £100 worth of Fireman Sam goodies.  The competition closes at 9am Monday 17th December and can be found on their website.

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