Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sponsored Video: Samsung A Note To Santa

My boys love the yearly ritual of writing the letter to Santa.  It is a magical moment, seeing the enthusiasm on their faces and the wonderment in their eyes, as they carefully plan what they would like.  Youngest needed me to help with the writing but with a Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 he could have copied and pasted bits from other places and done a visual representation of what he wanted.  Which might have been a good idea as his first draft for Santa included a shoe with a handle… luckily his second edition was more workable!

Eldest was slightly concerned if he wrote more on his list than Skylanders, Santa might get distracted and pick something else, with the GALAXY Note 10.1 facilities I am sure his letter could have been quite clear!  Lily the little girl in the video, copies a picture of the perfect bike for her, so Santa has plenty of help to get it just right (averting any Christmas day tantrums phew!). 

It is funny seeing Santa planning his workload with the same technology.  Then the busy Elves having present lists to work through and needing to search how to make certain items… Pulling off Christmas is quite a momentous event after all, so it’s only natural to see Santa and the Elves requiring the best technology at their fingertips (us parents could do with that kind of help!).

Next year I am not sure if pen and paper will satisfy my two.  Christmas can be traditional and modern at the same time; the video goes to show how well they both combine!  Tempted check out more about the Galaxy Note here.

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