Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Anger Management Season 1 Review

I did not expect to like this show, but was very pleasantly surprised.  I thought the lead (Charlie Sheen) would irate me, but the jokes were entertaining and hubbie and I have been quite happy watching a couple of episodes of an evening.

I nearly gave up before I started though, the fake laughing after almost every joke was very grating, until I let myself concentrate on the show and then I said to hubbie after awhile phew glad they ditched that awful canned laughter.  He was like “what are you on about, its been going on the whole time?!?”.  So you can get past it and stop noticing it after awhile.

I love the dynamics of the ex wife, stirring at every opportunity, like the funny episode with the stalker of the lead Dr. Charlie Goodson.  Hubbie and I have been laughing lots.  It is quite an easy to watch show (although I have found out hubbie finds one of the actresses (Selma Blair) foxy so I am sulking!!!).

Available to buy from Amazon for £17.99

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