Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Cawston Press New Soft Drinks

I was sent a lovely package containing four 330ml bottles of Cawston Press Sparkling drinks.  The bottles are the perfect size for a long refreshing drink, but if you do not finish it in one sitting you have five days to enjoy what’s left (but odds are you will have happily drunk it all in one sitting!).

Youngest was intrigued when they arrived so despite them being billed as soft drinks for grown-ups I could not resist letting him do a taste test with me.  He gave a thumbs up for the Sparkling Cloudy Apple and the Sparkling Apple & Rhubarb, he then pulled a face about the other two flavours, but again this suited me, as I really love the flavours Ginger Beer and Lemon & Lime.

The Lemon & Lime is quite a tart flavour, my hubbie called it “zingy”.  Whichever word you decide to use, it is definitely refreshing.  A perfect drink for the warmer weather or get an outdoor heater and sit in the snow drinking one with your eyes closed imaging warmer climes!

These would make great mixers for alcoholic drinks, you feel less sinful with all the healthy fruit juice in them!  They recommend the Sparkling Ginger Beer with spiced rum, which sounds quite appealing.  But if you do not drink at all, you would be quite happy with just one of these in your hand!

All four are available from Ocado with an RRP of £1.69 each.  

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