Friday, 25 January 2013

Chicken Pox

Well the Chicken Pox landed on Tuesday evening, my son had a friend over for tea on Monday and his mum apologised profusely as her son she later found out had Chicken Pox.  As it happens my son was already brewing up his own spots.  He did not feel ill before hand, they just started appearing, gradually at first, but now he has lots of them covering most of his body (although his face seems not too bad fortunately, his back on the other hand is pretty much spot central!).

He has been managing well on Calamine lotion; I have been giving him a generous coating at regular intervals.  But today it seemed to be bothering him more.  So have had to give him some Piriton, as he seems quite agitated and wanting to scratch them all.

I read somewhere that new spots keep appearing for five to six days, so have a few more days to go.  Meanwhile youngest bless him has been suffering from fevers, loss of appetite, coughing and sneezing and I guess its only a matter of time till his spots arrive.  The temperature spikes have been very scary, as he had a febrile convulsion last year.  He almost had another two last night, you could see the signs, and it was very scary all over again.  We are having to alternate Baby Nurofen and Calpol just to keep on top of it.  Fingers crossed tonight is a better night.  I am grateful hubbie and I can alternate taking it in turns to monitor him and each of us get some rest in between.  I still cannot shake off the image of him fitting last May and hope the fever breaks soon.


  1. Awww hope eldest will be better soon and youngest will have it easy! I was all prepared for it when the school was hit by chicken pox, but for some reason Abby got away with it! It was lucky cos it happened right before our holday, but now I'm hoping to get it over and done with lol. I'll have problem stopping the scratching as she's more determined to scratch than to wait for lotion! (Alrdy told hubby that he'll be working from home once they get hit haha) x

  2. Sophie hasnt had Chicken pox yet and i was really wanting these before we even been around children with chicken pox but no luck. Strange isnt it how this is one of the illness you want your kids to get hope your little tikes get better soon with small amount of itching.