Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dreaming of Mickey Mouse

Youngest loves Mickey, he is mad for him; he has two big soft toys he sleeps with and lots of DVD’s and other Mickey action toys to play with.  So our dream holiday would definitely feature some of his favourite characters, Disney cruises at looks like a great option!

I am going to start saving with a flourish!  You even receive a phone call from Mickey when you book a cruise, loving the tailored customer service.  Youngest would be in his element to hear Mickey on the phone (given he already has heated conversations with his nanny’s pet fish this would be a huge step up for him!).

Until we have saved enough we are going to keep enjoying his favourite Mickey film.  Although I know what I would prefer, now I have set my sights on the adult only luxurious spa and restaurants!!!  After a tough week of non-stop illness some TLC is the least I deserve, not more non-stop Mickey TV time!  So the cruise would be PERFECT for us all.

Eating without your children sounds very relaxing, than all the coaxing and begging and praying for them to eat a few mouthfuls and stop aiming at the floor!

Full of cold but still getting comfort from his much loved Mickey (still waiting for the chicken pox to get a move on and rear their spots!!!).

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  1. Ohh bless him, he still looks poorly bless!

    Love Mickey Mouse in this household too! The Cruise sounds lovely! xx