Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Now is Good Review

This film was exceptional but heart breaking, although parts of it were easier to watch than I expected.  Some of the characters have quite comic moments, which thankfully lighten the overall mood of this very poignant film.

Her little brother is quite entertaining.  He does not always act how he should around her, asking their dad about a holiday after Tessa has died, but she seems quite nonchalant by his behaviour, better than dealing with her overbearing dad and her exceptionally scatty mother.

I think given the subject it was done well, the story is about Tessa wanting to complete a (somewhat illegal!) bucket list before she dies but she manages to enrich the last moments of her life by falling deeply in love with her new neighbour, Adam.  Hubbie even wiped away a sly tear and he usually tends to be immune to matters of the heart (well when it comes to watching things on television anyway).

Despite thinking I would spend the whole film crying, I surprised myself and laughed lots too.  It really does bring out a wide range of emotions; some films fail to make an impact but this is not one of them.  The only thing I wanted to do was shake the dad and say help your child with her list.  If she wants to shop lift before she dies, let her get on with it!  I would gladly be the diversion if it brought an ounce of happiness to her before she died, but in the end true happiness came from Adam.

Available to buy from Amazon now for £12.00 - just get your tissues ready and be prepared to be left wanting to live life to the full, following all your own dreams and aspirations!

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